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You may notice that several larger driving schools offer discounts for the first few lessons to attract you,   I do not offer such deals as I feel the training you will receive from me is worth the fair and true rate that I charge. This rate reflects the amount of time and effort I have put in to further my qualifications and experience. 

​  Although I do not offer introductory deals, I will offer you 100% of my attention on your lesson, a structured course of lessons, a record of your progress, a more detailed monthly report of your training, and free access to the TheoryTest Pro app. 


We will  spend the time on your lesson developing the skills you need to make you a safe and confident driver. I do not limit you to driving in your local area, often there is the need to introduce you to more complex and difficult situations.  I consider myself extremely reliable and I do not tend to cancel lessons at short notice without an exceptional reason.  I understand the need to be able to offer regular lessons on a weekly basis to promote learning. 

Driving Lesson
Standard Driving Lessons

I offer all aspects of training for novice drivers.  I follow the DVSA syllabus, but I am also aware that there are shortfalls with the driving test. I will train you to be a safe driver for life and I will incorporate such elements as multi story car parks, petrol stations motorways and town centre parking.

MANUAL    1 hour - £42.00    1.5 hours - £62.00    2 hours - £82.00

AUTOMATIC    1 hour - £45.00    1.5 hours - £65.00    2 hours - £88.00


10 hour package Manual £400.00  Automatic £430.00

Driving School
Advanced Driving Lessons

I can offer training to candidates who wish to take the Diamond Advanced Driving Test or the Institute of Advanced Motorists test.  My training will incorporate an initial assessment drive, followed by a demonstration/commentary drive.  All clients will receive a written report.

  2 hour lesson  £120.00

Driving Lesson
Instructor Training

I am a very experienced driving instructor trainer and can offer training towards your driving instructor qualification.  My training is all carried out on a one to one basis.

Whether you are wanting to start from the Pt1 exam or you have been unsuccessful in previous attempts, I can help .

Complete Driving Instructor Training courses including 80 hours +  of 1 to 1 training and all reference materials and visual aids    £3,400

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