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Hello, I'm Lisa.

I have been  a qualified driving instructor since 1994.   Ever since learning to drive at 17,  I knew that a career as a driving instructor was for me.   It is necessary to wait for a period of 4 years after gaining a driving licence until the qualifying exams can be taken.


  During this period I undertook training for my Institute of Advanced Driving test, which I passed at the age of 19 and I also entered a competition to find "The Young Driver of the Year"  I managed to be successful and found myself taking part in the national finals which were televised by the BBC !


After qualifying I worked for a local driving school for 3 years, during which time, I took my Diamond Advanced Driving Test. 


In 1997, I started my own driving school in Southampton with the assistance of my brother, also an A.D.I.  I took on the role as the Driving Instructor Trainer after spending a brief time working for a National Training organisation and gaining more qualifications and experience.   While working with this establishment I won an award for my "Contribution to Training".    I took my Cardington Special "A" test, a very difficult driving test especially for driving instructors, I also took and passed the 5 modules of the Diploma in Driving Instructor, these two qualifications mean that I can call myself a Diamond Advanced instructor, which is something I am incredibly proud of (as there are not many of us around!).


I have spent time working along Hampshire County Councils  "  Road Safety Team ", offering driver improvement schemes to their employees and corporate clients.


I took a career break in 2006 when I moved to France with my family but returned to the U.K in 2015 to resume my career.


All driving instructors are graded, and I am a top grade A instructor.

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